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The Team

Gisele Seto
Founder & President

Gisele Seto

Founder & President, SETO Synergies Inc.

Global wellness consultant, multidisciplinary bodyworker & teacher, published author.

Gisele is the lead author of the collaborative self-help bookTHAI-ing it all up! Beyond trauma, nutrition & holistic bodywork”.


Teaming with diverse professionals, such as osteopaths, physical therapists and energy healers, she travels the world teaching multidisciplinary approaches to therapeutic yoga, massage and myofascial bodywork via assisted restorative/dynamic yoga stretches, meditation, and breath work.


SETO Synergies Inc. caters to a diverse, global population of clients seeking a holistic and symbiotic approach to lifestyle, health and wellness. Gisele actively shares her passion for healing in countries such as Bahamas, Canada, Cuba, Italy, Lebanon, Panama, Tanzania, Thailand, and United States.

Gisele’s mission is help grow therapeutic Thai yoga massage worldwide, expanding upon the same tradition as her late master, Kam Thye Chow. Since 2015, Gisele had been travelling and teaching with Kam, North America’s Thai Massage teaching pioneer and author of several internationally distributed reference books.

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