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Thai-ing it all up! Beyond trauma, nutrition & holistic bodywork

Written by Gisele Seto, Tony Eng, Kam Thye Chow, Sukha Wong & Maya Furuta

ISBN 978-1519120960

Available on Amazon worldwide

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We are in an era of transformational shift in health and wellness. Anxiety, depression, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, neurological conditions and other ailments are at epidemic proportions. Awareness and demand for holistic solutions complementing Western medicine are skyrocketing.


“Five industry leaders are influencing thousands in the fields of Thai massage, plant-based nutrition, trauma and holistic bodywork. “THAI-ing it all up!” captures sizzling massage, bodywork and cutting-edge modalities in holistic well-being.”


You will discover how to:


- Zen your mind and stir up the body’s innate healing powers

- Release trauma from deep inside your tissues and rebalance your nervous system

- Bring Ayurveda into your massage, food and lifestyle

- Detox and flourish with clean, plant-based nutrition while on-the-go

- Apply easy restorative yoga and Thai massage postures at home

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